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First Person Person Oculus Rift Game (Working Title)

University Final Year Individual Project. Contining from the previous project, this game attempts to combine traditional first person gameplay, with Virtual Reality headsets without Virtual Reality Sickness. The game takes the form of a level within an Adventure Game, with no gameplay beyond storytelling exploration.

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In Progress Projects

Third Person Oculus Rift Game

This is an experimental stealth game in which the player is separate from the character they control, aiming to improve spacial immersion through narrative gameplay. The game uses VR Headsets by design to implement character lean controls, as the only way of the player knowing where enemies are.


ALEx is a work in progress narrative adventure game, experimenting with open narrative design, and storytelling which questions established norms, such as Morality, Gender, and Sexuality. The game is a sci-fi adventure game, currently being developed in RPG maker VX Ace