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Eir Causey

Gameplay, Level, VR designer


Eir has achieved both a bachelors and a masters degree in Video Games Design, and is keenly interested in all aspects of video games.
Her background has given her a wide collection of T-Skills: An understanding of code, some experience in art, enjoyment in film-making, some training in game production, a hobby in voice acting, and a specialisation in design.


Her passion for video games has enabled her to explore Film Making via machinima, Voice Acting via mods, Radio Presenting via news and music, Community Management via PCGamer, and Esports via ESL.


Examples of design experience, see below, includes;
Gameplay Design, Level Design, Virtual Reality Design, Unreal Engine, Unity Engine, Blueprint, C#

ELA - PC adventure game

Thrown from the top of the Tower, you have no option but to climb. For Revenge? For Repentance? Or for the sheer bloody mindedness of it? Your choices will shape your journey.

ELA is a vertical slice, created over 7 weeks using Unreal Engine 4. The production has now moved into development of an Episodic adventure game, in which the player climbs each level of the Tower.

Role - Sole Developer

Key Aspects worked on:

  • Blueprint.
  • Camera.
  • Writing.
  • Design.

Made with Unreal Engine 4. With Epic released Art Assets and Not Yet Dialogue System.

Watch Walkthrough

Link here to video walkthrough of vertical slice

Download Here

Vertical slice available for download on

Panda Palate - Mobile Platformer

Bored of your monotonous life?
Only Bamboo on the table?
Then join the competition of a lifetime!

Panda Palate is a single screen platformer, in which you guide your Red Panda friend across ten levels, attempting to locate fresh ingredients in new locations

Role - Second Designer

Many aspects of the game which i worked on were cut due to time constraints.


  • Jumping Mechanic.
  • Mini-Games. (cut)
  • “Boss” Levels. (cut)
  • Sound Design.
  • Voice acting (cut)

Made with Cocos2Dx. Team of 9 members.

Watch Trailer

Link here to trailer.

Download Here

Game published on Google Play

Arcane Tails - VR Arena Brawler (Cancelled)

When a spell gone wrong causes all to become somewhat inflated, and only a single dose of the cure remains, what would you do?

Arcane Tails is a virtual reality physics brawler, make sure you’re the last player standing by punting all other players off the arena.

Role - Designer

Vertical Slice created for client Red Kite Games. Cancelled due to lack of publisher interest


  • Gameplay Design
  • Level Design
  • VR Intergration

Made with Unity3d for Oculus Rift. Team of 5 members

Watch Trailer

Link here to trailer.